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The advantages of learning to drive in an automatic car.

Automatic Driving Lessons can be the perfect solution for anyone who struggles with changing gears, and who finds learning to drive a rather complex and  challenging skill to master. 

Driving an automatic car has many definite benefits. The car changes gear for you at the appropriate time so you will never be in the wrong gear at the wrong time. Hill Starts, Reversing Manoeuvres and moving off and stopping are all much easier to control.

It can also make learning to drive a lot less stressful, as you let the car do a lot of the thinking and analysing – all you need to do is control the brake and the accelerator and steer in the right direction.

You’ll will pick up driving a lot faster if you learn to drive in an automatic – not having to worry about gear changes, stalling, finding the biting point really does make all the difference in how quickly you can learn and prepare for your driving test.

There are no adverse issues with automatic driving lessons: you will learn the same skills, gain the same experience and taking a test in an automatic car is exactly the same as taking a test in a manual car.

If your objective is to learn to drive as quickly as possible, gain your independence and stop relying on public transport or friends to taxi you around then consider learning to drive in an automatic. 

You will surprised how quickly you can learn, build up your confidence and be ready for a driving test much sooner than you ever thought possible.

Learning to drive the automatic way is so much easier

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*Congratulations to all my Students who passed their Driving Tests in 2018*


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Pupil Reviews

"Thank you for your great support and teaching. Without your support and encouragement I would not have passed today. Thank you for all your help" Deepa Varghese
"Thank you Alan very very much. Sending kisses and a big hug for helping me achieve my goal" Edyta Mrugacz
"I passed my driving test with Alan today with 0 faults. Alan is extremely professional and his service is outstanding". Yasmin Chilcott 
"Great Instructor, professional, helpful and very friendly. I have already recommended him to my friends. Thanks for giving me the confidence and encouragement to pass my test Alan". Danielle Shelford 
"Absolutely brilliant driving instructor. I would strongly recommend Alan for driving lessons" Dave Jackson
"Absolutely over the moon to have passed my driving test today. Alan is an amazing driving instructor, I am so grateful that he showed so much faith in me. Highly recommended". Katie Hipwell
"Alan is the best driving instructor. I passed my test at the first attempt with one minor fault. The key features of Alan as an instructor are great patience, never waste time. He believes in learning by doing. His car is really wonderful. Highly recommended". Saroj Meena
"I can't thank you enough Alan. I am very pleased to have passed my test first time with your help". Agnieszka Streciwilk
"Alan is a great instructor and very patient. I wish I had learnt with him years ago. Highly recommended - you will not be disappointed". Nick Smith

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